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Kia’s multi-award winning Kia Rio has added another feather to its cap with the announcement that the carsales online community has voted Rio a dual winner in the leading website’s  People’s Choice Awards.

Rio topped the votes as the most desired first car and then backed up to grab the inaugural overall prize as the most popular of the 13 segment winners.

“The carsales People’s Choice Awards’ dual recognition for the Kia Rio is another wonderful endorsement for the car and for the brand,” said Kia Motors Australia Chief Operating Officer Tony Barlow. “It is particularly satisfying when the votes are cast by people who are actively engaged in making a purchasing decision.

“As the fastest growing mainstream brand in the Australian new car market, it is heartening to see shopper speaking out in favour of Kia’s products.”

The 13 lifestyle categories by which the various cars were selected mirror the search options shoppers can use to find vehicles they want on the various carsales network sites. For 2012, the People’s Choice Awards are based on the motoring.com.au editorial team settling on the finalists, with winners in each category then decided by popular vote from the public. To be considered, each of the cars had to be on sale and driven by motoring.com.au prior to September 1 this year.

“All of the finalists nominated across the carsales People’s Choice Award categories are strong performers. But the new format of the awards is a chance for our audience of genuine new car shoppers to voice its opinion,” said Managing Director and CEO of carsales.com Ltd, Greg Roebuck.

The carsales network of websites attracts more Australians buying and researching new car purchases than any other – they are well informed and that adds even more kudos to a category or outright win.”