What makes our 7 Year Unlimited km Warranty better?

Your Digital Co-Pilot

Kia Connect offers you a wide range of digital features and services to enhance your day-to-day mobility before, during, and after your trip.


Discover intelligent remote control functions including remote engine start and door lock control, as well as innovative in-car services designed to make driving your Kia even more comfortable and turn every journey into an experience.

Key Features

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EV Charging locations*

View nearby locations of charging stations for EVs as well as other details such as plug availability and compatible connector types.

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Remote Climate control

Through the Kia Connect App, you can remotely activate, set and schedule climate control before you get in the car, so it’s just right when you get in.

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Remote lock

Never again leave your car unlocked – or yourself locked out of your car. With the Kia Connect App, you can remotely lock and unlock your Kia from anywhere with a simple tap.

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Destination Send to Vehicle

This feature allows the Kia Connect App user to send an address directly from the app to the vehicle navigation system, which is ideal for notifying you when you are ready to depart in due course.

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Vehicle tracking

Always know where your car is parked, even if you didn’t park it yourself. And if you need, the Kia Connect App can walk you to it using augmented reality guidance.

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Vehicle status

Vehicle status offers a comprehensive report on your car including whether the doors/boot/bonnet are open or closed, fuel or battery charge and other vital diagnostic information before you start your journey.

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Valet parking mode

Activate this mode before handing it over to someone and it will let you monitor the vehicle’s location, driving time, distance and top speed using the Kia Connect App. With Geo-fence alerts it will even alert you when the vehicle strays outside of pre-set limits of geographical areas.

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Local POI search

Local area search combined with Weather Forecast and Points Of Interest which cover not only information of the local area, but also enroute and the destination.

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Emergency call

In case of an accident where the airbag is deployed, this feature will automatically contact the Kia Connect 24/7 call centre for your safety. The dedicated SOS button allows you to call the centre yourself if necessary.

Video walkthrough

Discover the benefits of Kia Connect

Control in the palm of your hands

Kia Connect App

Take advantage of innovative features before you even hit the road. Synchronise destinations, check the vehicle status, control certain vehicle functions and much more with the Kia Connect App. If, for example, you want to ventilate the interior before you go for a drive, you can easily do this in advance using your smartphone. Your Kia does not even have to be in sight.

Free for 7 years

Enjoy complimentary Kia Connect services for 7 years on applicable models.


All features. All services. Fully transferrable. Just like our Australia’s Best 7 Year Warranty.

Help & troubleshooting guides

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How to enrol via the Kia infotainment system

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How to enrol through the Kia Connect App

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How to share. your Kia with other users

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How to deactivate your Kia Connect account

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Kia Connect app troubleshooting guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Kia Connect refers to connectivity services in the car which provides owners with features such as turning on the ignition remotely and the location of your vehicle, or information including live traffic, and weather forecasts. Kia Connect is fitted with a modem and SIM card and relies on data from a mobile network. Additional functionalities are being added to Kia Connect over time.

Kia partners with Singtel, the parent company of Optus, to provide SIM cards and data. Kia Connect coverage is linked to the Optus 4G network.

Kia Connect is offered to all Kia customers for free for seven years, in line with Kia’s seven-year warranty.


Kia Connect is only available when the car is in a good network zone. A working data connection is required to receive information on the phone.


You can register for Kia Connect by either the vehicle infotainment system or through our app which can be found in the App Store or Play Store.


You can unsubscribe via the deactivate button through the vehicle infotainment system or the Kia Connect mobile app.


If your car is equipped with Kia Connect, you can find the Kia Connect option through the car infotainment screen to activate it.


Yes, Kia Connect will share details of any important changes with Kia Connect users before the changes will be applied.


1. The left button is used for setting a destination via Voice Recognition.
2. The red, second button from the left is the SOS button used in the event of a breakdown or emergency

It might take long for your vehicle to remotely start sometimes. To avoid battery drainage, when the vehicle engine is not running the vehicle is in a state of “sleep”. Therefore, when an Engine Start command is given, a “wake up” message is sent to the vehicle and it takes a little time for the vehicle to boot up and acknowledge the Engine Start command.


In case of any trouble related to Kia Connect please contact our Kia Customer Care team on 131 542.


*Available on EV only.


^Available on Hybrid (HEV) only.


All information are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please consult your nearest Kia dealer for the latest information.