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Every day, Kia engages with fans from 172 different countries around the world, and their enthusiasm for the Kia brand has been truly amazing. In appreciation of all of our global fans, we have been running a series on Kia’s official worldwide Facebook page called #KiaYourCity featuring Kia vehicles captured in some of the world’s most beautiful cities. The response has been remarkable, with fan photos pouring in from around the globe showing Kia rocking cities everywhere. In this dedicated BUZZ post, we would like to express our gratitude to our fans and offer you a virtual world tour through photos shared by Kia owners on our digital channels.
From the vibrant cities of the Middle East to the breathtaking scenery of Europe, Kia fans have covered it all.

Kia Sorento posing in front of the Torch Hotel, a landmark in Doha, Qatar

Kia Soul in one of the vast deserts of Kazakhstan

Kia cee’d speeding along a highway in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Kia cee´d SW having a rest in Førdedalen, Norway


Kia is always curious about the part our vehicles play in their owners’ daily lives. We are grateful for the close looks at the lives our global fans have offered through the #KiaYourCity campaign. Thank you all for sharing pictures of your Kia, and please keep them coming! Your city may be featured on our next social media posting.