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Kia knows a thing or two about being a brand that practices sustainability, especially in the areas of staying green and fulfilling our corporate social duties, in addition to exploring and implementing new technology in our vehicles.

Fittingly, the Kia Motors Sustainability Magazine 2014, ‘MOVE,’ has received the Platinum Award in its category (Sustainability Report), for the Vision Awards for the sixth consecutive year. The Vision Awards, hosted by the California-based League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), are recognized as the one of the most prestigious international annual report competitions in the world. Currently, the LACP evaluates annual reports and company brochures from companies all over the world.

Let’s ‘MOVE’

Published this past March, the 2014 ‘MOVE’ Magazine marks the 12th annual report since first being introduced in 2003 as an informative way of meaningful communication between Kia and our stakeholders, with in-depth articles covering subjects such as corporate social responsibility projects, business performance, environmental issues and various sustainable management practices.

This year, ‘MOVE’ was released under the theme of ‘We Connect (Through Cars, To the Next Generation),’ providing a wide range of information on Kia’s technology and environmental and sustainability efforts. ‘MOVE’ represents Kia’s “move” towards bringing about a positive change to the rest of the world by becoming more than just an automotive brand, but a brand that is conscious and aware of global issues and trends, and knows to respond accordingly.

Click to download our 2014 edition of ‘MOVE’ magazine.

Every year, Kia makes a great effort to effectively communicate the ways in which our brand keeps moving through our sustainability report. We are already halfway through 2014 and are excited to talk about our brand’s continuous sustainability efforts and developments over the next few months.

The above article is a direct quote from the KIA Australia Website