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Hi my name is Scott Douma and I am one of the new car sales consultants and Toowong Kia. I have driven a large range of cars in my time in the automotive sector and would like to share with you some of my thoughts on the Kia Rio.

Lets face it, the Kia Rio has had a rather good history in Australia. Starting back in the early 2000, the first generation of Kia Rio was popular for its price point and fuel efficiency. Jumping forward to the second generation being released in 2005 the popularity increased with a more sport compact design and getting a nicer finish then its predecessor. Then in 2011 something special happened, Kia released its third generation Rio with design and quality to even make the German put their worry pants on.

With pricing at the sub twenty five thousand mark, with an option for a 5 or 3 door hatch or a 4 door sedan and two engine options, the car will be able to fit into anyone’s price point and carry four fully grown adults in comfort or a family of five.
The sporty lines of the car coupled with either the 1.4L or the bigger more powerful 1.6L four cylinder will get you having fun out on the road without putting you into trouble. The two engine options are available in either a manual or automatic option allowing all ages and driving abilities to drive with confidence and comfort.

The drivability of the car is simply fantastic, you feel safe and secure with road hugging performance. The suspension allows you to drive in comfort but not letting the car roll all over the road. Seating and visibility is perfect with a height adjustable drivers seat and telescopic steering collum.

The safety on this car is class leading with no short cuts taken, it feature everything from ABS braking, traction control, 6 air bags and much much more no wonder this car sails through to a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating.

Overall the third gen Rio is the perfect car for someone looking for second to none value for money, without having the substitute class, sportiness and safety.
Scott Douma – New car sales executive, Toowong Kia.