What makes our 7 Year Unlimited km Warranty better?

Customer Expeirence

The Kia Rio Sli hatch is an exciting new concept for all new small car owners. It has super exceeded the boundary of satisfaction for all small families and first car buyers. This vehicle has produced quality, safety, style, comfort and affordability, where other Brands and models have failed. The Rio has many important features and attributes, however what standards out the most over its competitors, is the massive 5 Year Unlimited Klm Warranty.

Kia has turned a basic 5 door Rio hatch, into a stunning spacious, well designed, award winning motor vehicle. It has an impressive new piece of technology, which creates, a fantastic fuel economy rate and a powerful 1.6 litre GDI engine. The new GDI engine has taken the performance to a new level, without exceeding the price barrier. Kia has also introduced an amazing 5 Star ANCAP rating, into the new Rio, which has helped the current model win over customers with small young families. Safety is a key element for anyone purchasing a new motor vehicle, as we can not control what is on the road.

The Rio has impressed everyone with its amazing new design from front to the back. It has also been fitted with features that take it up in class, such as daylight running lights, HID headlamps, 17 Inch alloy wheels, Full size alloy spare wheel and many more modern attributes. As you can see the Rio Sli hatch has clearly stepped up in the market and will now compete with the best of the small cars.

Peter Schraror has put a stamp on the Kia Brand in general, however especially the Rio, as the newly designed shape has certainly turned heads here in Australia. With comfort being a priority in his mind, it seems he has done the impossible, by creating the comfort level at a high standard. Not only has Peter Schraror put Kia on the map, but he has turned around a brand that could become the next biggest thing in the car industry.