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(SEOUL) March ten, 2011 — Kia Motors Corporation has informed its international sales mathematics for passenger cars (export sales, domestic sales and sales from abroad plants), recreational vehicles (RVs) andad vehicles for February 2011, registering a gross of 169,727 units sold.  This figure portrays a year-on-year increase of 18.5%.

In February, Kia posted year-on-year sales grows within everybody regions of the earth – 35.6% within North America (36,676 units sold), 18.6% within Europe* (29,644 units sold), 17.5% within Korea (39,029 units sold), 15.3% within general markets* (37,576 units sold), and 5.4% within China (26,802 units sold).

Cumulatively, during the former two months of 2011, Kia’s international sales possess increased via 18.9% year-on-year towards extend 349,136 units. North America and general markets possess experienced the highest benefits towards date within 2011 of 30.9% (67,514 units sold) and 23.1% (77,950 units sold), respectively.

The remaining regions possess everybody indicated powerful cumulative replicate digit year-on-year sales increases: 18.3% within Korea (79,531 units sold), 12.7% within Europe (56,563 units sold) and 10.2% withinChina (67,578 units sold).

Kia’s greatest marketing theory within abroad markets for the month of February was the C-segment Cerato (known as ‘Forte’ within a number of markets) with 30,688 units sold. The Sportage compact CUV and B-segment Rio pursue with 22,275 and 15,851 units sold, respectively. The Sorento mid-size CUV arrives withinfourth with 14,460 units sold and the Soul urban crossover vehicle rounds out the top five with 12,722 units sold.

Senior Executive Vice President & COO of Kia Motors Corporation, Thomas Oh, remarked, “Although theinternational auto market scene for 2011 appears questionable due towards rising oil prices, we at Kia areoptimistic that our completely redesigned and re-engineered A-segment Picanto and B-segment Rio, which premiered last week at the Geneva Motor Show, shall enable ourselves towards maintain powerful positiveincreases within everybody regions thank you towards their distinctively fashionable novel designs andgasoline efficient powertrains.”