What makes our 7 Year Unlimited km Warranty better?

On the first on October 2014 Kia announced possibly the biggest game changer the Australian market has ever seen, they Increasing their warranty to an unbelievable 7 year unlimited kilometer warranty. The new warranty provided my Kia Motors means that new motorists from the first of October will be covered by the warranty till October 2021, on top of that customers also receive 7 years capped price servicing and 7 years roadside assist.

The capped price servicing that Kia provides is fantastic, they will not only provide their customers with a log book service but they have also included the parts and labor for a brake fluid change every two years and a map update package for the first two years as well but they have also agreed to changing the pollen filter whenever it needs to be replaced at no extra cost to the customer.

The nationwide roadside assist that Kia provides is through Assist Australia, which delegates jobs down to RACQ, NRMA and RACV on the east coast. This means that in each state of Australia you will be taken care of by the major provider 24/7 no matter how big or small the job is. The road side assist is provided to the customer for the first 12 months but will be renewed at each yearly service to insure that customer gets the benefits of the full warranty, capped price servicing and road side assist packages.

This new warranty does leave some people asking the question “what if I picked my vehicle up on the 30th of September”, Kia does understand that with a great new update to their product that they can’t update previous customers warranty but what they can do and have done is increase all current Kia customers capped price servicing and roadside assist to 7 years to help with the adjustment.

The only thing that is left to wonder is will the other manufacturers increase their warranty to compete or will they let Kia take the market by storm? All I know is that any manufacturer with a three year warranty will need to step their game up or they will be left to the side.