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Kia Motors Australia is aiding the world’s oldest Catholic Charity reach its palliative care and medicinal servicesright through East Timor (Timor-Leste) by giving it with a Kia Sorento AWD.

The Order of Malta was established in 1048 when the Knights Hospitaller looked after unwell, poor andwounded pilgrims touring to the Holy Land. Today the governing body is still famous for its task “to service the poor and the suffering” by giving services and services to support the unwell, very aged, the handicapped and those who are marginalised and homeless.

Kia Motors Australia has gave the Australian Association of the Order of Malta with a Sorento to be employed in and throughout the Timor-Leste Capital, Dili to progress interns, medicinal personnel and equipment.

The Order of Malta’s first Ambassador to Timor-Leste, H.E. David Scarf said the augmentation of the Sorento will notably enhance the Order’s mobility and consequently its scope for to bear out humanitarian works in the area.

“Our utmost main concern in Timor-Leste is the rehabilitation of the field infirmary service by giving Basic Life Support coaching to its 67 drivers and nurses,” Mr Scarf said.

“The Sorento will give mobility to the program and will in addition be employed to transport palliative care internsto visit patients, as well as moving patients to Dili Hospital. It will in addition endeavour out of the capitalhabitation to visit the Order’s provincial ventures, touring though terrain that is not appropriate for a more typical2WD.”

Following the agent handover, the Sorento will be moved to Darwin before being conveyed to Timor-Leste.

Kia Motors Australia President and CEO, Mr MK Kim said the Order of Malta has paid out the last nine yearsrepairing expect to thousands of Timorese and is authorised to support.

“A noteworthy part of East Timor’s one million occupants are still attempting to rebuild after decades of hardship,” Mr Kim said. “If we can aid such a humanitarian governing body as the Order of Malta to enhancemedicinal and training services _ as well as infrastructure _ for our nearby occupants, then it is time andsupplies well spent.”

The Order now runs in more than 120 nations through five continents. Worldwide there are more than 12,500components, 80,000 lasting volunteers and 20,000 medicinal personnel.