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Once again KIA has proven itself a major player in the automotive industry and is taking over and amazing people around the world.
Their current award is for its GT4 Stinger concept which has just been awarded a silver medal in the 2014 “I.D.E.A” awards (International Design Excellence Awards). The 2014 competition included 2000 candidates from 39 countries with each entry evaluated for innovation, benefits to the user and client, sustainability and visual appeal.
The GT4 Stinger was design for America selfishly as KIA is not transporting the Pro Cee’d GT to the Americas. However, God help me if I didn’t want the Stinger to come to Australia. There is a definite market for this 2.4L Turbo charged rear-wheel drive Coupe in Australia no as Ford and GM move to stop production of their high powered rear wheel drive sedans.
Tom Kearns stated that the KDCA (Kia Design Center America) designed the GT4 Stinger with what their vision is for the ultimate KIA performance vehicle would be with a keen focus on drop-dead-gorgeous exterior styling and unparalleled driving dynamics. I am hoping that this vehicle will come to Australia along with the V8 Luxury Quoris, 4WD Mohave and V6 rear-wheel drive Cadenza.
The KIA design team, led since 2006 by KIA motors Corporation president and chief design officer Peter Schreyer, has consistently garnered praise for its innovative, European influenced work, transforming the KIA brand into a sought after product that consumers not only love to drive but are proud to have sitting in their driveway. The I.D.E.A Honour is the third major design accolade for KIA’s second-generation passenger vehicle… Can’t wait to get one.