What makes our 7 Year Unlimited km Warranty better?

The Soul EV, Kia’s second electric vehicle, is slated for release in April 2014 to the Korean and European markets. It is powered by an 81.4-kW motor with a maximum output and torque of 111 ps and around 29 kgf-m, respectively. It also comes with a high-capacity 27-kWh lithium ion battery boasting the highest-level energy density (200 Wh/kg) in its class. The per-charge driving range is around 148km (certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy). The Soul EV features an EV heat-pump system, which extends driving range by using high-efficiency energy generated by the refrigerant circulation process or the waste heat from the motor or inverter when the air-conditioner or heater, respectively, is in use. It takes around 24 hours and 20 minutes with a 240-V regular charger.

The battery pack, placed under the car’s floor, allows for a spacious interior and lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity for safer driving. The Soul EV has a larger percentage of ultra-high-strength steel in the vehicle body than its gasoline counterpart, increasing torsional rigidity by 27%. Given that the electric motor makes no noise, the Soul EV is equipped with a Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) that emits artificial engine noises t alert pedestrians when the vehicle is driving at a low speed or backing up. With 23.9kg of interior materials made of bio-friendly materials, the Soul EV received a green certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

This is an exact article that has been taken from Kia Motors Move magazine produced in May 2014, copyrights belong to KMCA.