What makes our 7 Year Unlimited km Warranty better?

I purchased
my Rio S 6 speed manual back in October of 2012 and am absolutely blown away by
the whole package that this car has. I love the styling and haven’t seen
another hatchback that looks as good as the Rio. The performance on the road is
insane, it hugs the road like a sports car, it’s so quiet and extremely fuel


The previous
car I had was a V6 and I found myself filling that up every week, but for the
Rio I can go 10 to 12 days without a refill. I can measure exactly how many
Km’s I am getting to a tank thanks to the trip computer with the trip metre,
distance to empty, avg. fuel usage, avg. speed etc. and the power is great, I
have no troubles at all getting around Brisbane. Even it powered up Mount
Tamborine with the family. It’s just a smooth drive.


The gear box
is unbelievable. It is crazy how smooth and responsive the gear changes are. My
Rio is an absolute pleasure to drive. You can plug your iphone in and choose
your playlist, albums, and artist and even put your contacts and recent calls
into the audio unit for quick access. I can call whoever I need to when I am
driving without worrying about the police and the Bluetooth is so clear. The
support that you get from KIA is second to none with the 5 year warranty this
is one of the cheapest and best performed cars out there.